Arts council now has expanded space for the arts

The Arts Council of Southeast Missouri finally has a little more room to spread out.

The arts council recently held a soft opening for its new space at 16 N. Spanish St. The new location has 1,000 square feet more than the previous one, which means more room for artwork, classes and workshops.

"The functionality has improved for us tenfold," arts council executive director Murielle Gaither said.

There are three small classrooms and a large workshop that can accommodate up to 20 people for larger classes. Artists will be able to reserve smaller spaces to complete projects away from their home studios.

The floor is a low-maintenance, polished concrete. Art can be messy at times, Gaither pointed out; the polished concrete is easy to clean.

In addition, On Cue Performing Arts Center, a partner organization of the arts council, is renting space next door. That facility will be used for theater and dance rehearsals.

Gaither said all of this is to continue the arts council's mission of making all arts more accessible to the region.

Given the number of galleries in the region and the number and quality of stage productions that come to the area, there are obviously a lot of local art enthusiasts. It is exciting for them to have a new space to visit on First Fridays and for other events.

A grand opening for the new arts council facility is planned for the first Friday in September. We wish the arts council the best of luck in their new facility and encourage everyone to visit downtown Cape Girardeau to enjoy the arts.