4 local business professionals absorb training at Harvard

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Being a professional is valuable. Being a talented professional is even better. But being a professional who leads effectively is in a class all its own. Leadership is a quality increasingly necessary in today's business environment, in which people need not only to be told what to do, but also shown how to do it well, and where they seem to rely on motivation to be productive. Four professionals from Southeast Missouri were given the opportunity to hone their leadership skills at Harvard University.

The Delta Regional Authority selected Brent Buerck, the Perryville city administrator; Dennis Vinson of Signature Packaging in Jackson; Valerie Blackmon of Valerie Blackmon Accounting and Consulting in Sikeston, Missouri; and Missy Marshall, director of Three Rivers College's Sikeston campus to participate in leadership training at the John F. Kennedy School of Government at the prestigious university.

For four days, the four delved into what the Delta Regional Authority called "cutting-edge leadership principles in the U.S.," and each expressed gratitude at being selected to attend the executive education training. We, too, are impressed with their selection, as only 40 people were given that opportunity. We're proud that four of only 40 hail from our region; it testifies to the quality professionals who serve in our communities and the leadership skills they already possess. We trust that the program -- created by Congress in 2000 to enhance communities, create employment and spark economic development -- has sharpened their desire and capacity to lead and to help enhance Southeast Missouri.

Congratulations for being selected for such an honor.

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