Letter to the Editor

Wimpy's Night a great event

My wife and I had the pleasure of attending the Wimpy's Night event at Centenary Methodist Church last Saturday. It was a splendid experience! I also had the distinct honor of speaking with my former boss, Freeman D. Lewis. I worked at Wimpy's from August 1959 to September 1967 -- all through high school and four years of college. Much to my surprise, he recognized me immediately. We had not spoken or seen each other in nearly 50 years. We reminisced about the past and had a wonderful time reconnecting.

I understand the event was a huge success; people were still streaming in the door when we left after an hour or so. I want to take this opportunity to thank Centenary Methodist and the Lewis family children who organized the occasion.

I also want to thank the Lewis family, Frank, Freeman, Bill and their parents Fred and Ethel, for providing employment to thousands of high school and college students over the years of Wimpy's existence.

Time tends to paint the canvas of our memories in a brighter shade than their original pallet; however, with my memories of Wimpy's, that is not the case. They were bright in 1959, and the joy they continue to bring me today has not diminished in any way. God bless the Lewis family and God bless Wimpy's!

FORD R. PHILLIPS, Alton, Illinois