Spitfire and Mustang Stop for Fuel at Cape's Airport

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Got a call from a friend yesterday, tipping me off that these two WWII era fighters had taken a weather diversion/fuel stop at our airport.

This Supermarine Spitfire Mk.XVIIIe and it's companion, a North American P-51D Mustang were at KCGI just long enough for their pilots to have lunch and fuel their aircraft.

The Mustang is powered by a Rolls Royce V-12 'Merlin' engine--contract-built by Packard---that produces 1,490 horsepower, and was used by many American and British fighters in WWII.

This Spitfire's engine is a similar, but more powerful Rolls Royce 'Griffon' V-12 that cranks out over 2000 horsepower.

The cylinder bank bulges above it's exhaust stacks and the five-bladed propeller (which rotates in the opposite direction of the Merlin's prop) are a couple of hints that there is a Griffon lurking under the cowling of the Spit.

Designed using slide-rules and drafting paper, these are some of the most beautiful flying machines ever to take to the air.