Ride of the Week: 1970 volkswagen "rabbit" dune buggy

Make and model: 1970 volkswagen "rabbit" dune buggy

Owner(s): Kris and Angela Witherby

Owner's hometown: Perryville Missouri

Special features:

Fiberglass body dune buggy with a 1915cc Volkswagen bus engine. Pans and frame painted by Brune restoration, body painted by Byron Birk and flames painted and airbrushed by Eric Etheridge. Engine built by Kris Witherby

My car's name: Speed buggy

How I fell in love with my ride:

My husband and I spent a year and a half with the help of a few friends putting our own custom touches and restoring this buggy. Taking it out has become one of my favorite things to do, wind in my hair and a smile on my face.