Grateful for hospitals

Sunday, June 14, 2015

As Saint Francis Medical Center expands and Southeast Health gets back on its feet, I think we are lucky to have two great medical facilities in Cape. I hope both keep expanding and upgrading because that means better care for all of us. Competition breeds excellence. I saw Poplar Bluff go from three hospitals to two to one, and the results haven't been great. As long as our two hospitals compete, we all win with better care, lower cost and state-of-the art facilities.

I volunteer at both hospitals and I see firsthand the commitment to helping patients. I interact with many staff, and I'm almost always impressed with their absolute focus on helping people. You don't see bad attitudes. You don't hear "not my job." You see hardworking people trying their best to help patients.

I've also had surgery at both hospitals and I've nothing but praise for the way I was treated. From admission to discharge, everyone was courteous, professional and supportive.

A lot of patients like to talk about their health issues, and I like to listen. (I've learned that patients are a great source of information regarding health care.) In over two years of volunteering, I've heard a lot of praise about both hospitals and almost no criticism.

Our hospitals serve large areas in multiple states and I'm proud to be associated with them. I urge everyone to support them, be proud of them, and be grateful they are here.

Gary L. Gaines, Cape Girardeau

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