Jackson to begin flushing water system June 1

Jackson residents are advised to use caution while the city conducts a flush of the water system.

Fire department crews flush the system once a year, and this year's maintenance will take place from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. daily from Monday, June 1, until the program is complete.

The flushing activities will not affect the safety of the water supply, but sediments might make the water appear cloudy or discolored while the lines are being flushed. Any discoloration will be temporary, but because of the looped design of Jackson's water system, all households and businesses may be affected, regardless of the location of the flushing.

Residents should refrain from doing laundry during flushing, as displaced sediments may damage or discolor clothing. Residents also should open and run taps until the water runs clear before drinking or cooking.

Discoloration may persist in the days after the system is flushed, but running an outside spigot or bathtub should clear the water. Residents also should beware of sediment buildup in faucet screens.

The city is encouraging residents to use the excess water to care for plants or lawns to reduce waste and is reminding residents the fire department will require access to hydrants and will need those areas clear of obstacles.

For more information regarding the program and flushing schedule, visit Jackson's city website, jacksonmo.org, or the fire department's website, jacksonfire.org.



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Jackson, Mo.