Hillary Clinton emails under review for release

Friday, March 6, 2015

WASHINGTON -- The government will review a huge cache of Hillary Rodham Clinton's emails for possible release after revelations she conducted official business as secretary of state in the shadows of a private account.

The disclosure has raised questions about whether she adhered to the letter or spirit of accountability laws.

The matter is expected to result in the eventual release of thousands of emails from her private account, opening a new window on her tenure in high office and providing potential fodder to critics.

Officials said Thursday the review by the State Department could take months, potentially a drawn-out distraction for Clinton and an unnerving development for Democrats who see her as the party's presidential nominee-in-waiting for 2016.

Secretary of State John Kerry, in Saudi Arabia, said Thursday his department "will undertake this task as rapidly as possible in order to make sure that we are dealing with the sheer volume in a responsible way."

The review was prompted by the disclosure that Clinton, in a departure from predecessors, relied exclusively on the private account for emails about government business.

The emails were sent from a private computer server using an Internet address that traces back to Clinton's family home in Chappaqua, New York.

The department announced the review soon after Clinton addressed the matter for the first time, saying on Twitter, "I want the public to see my email. I asked State to release them."

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