Cowan leaves legacy of joy, school milestones

Being an educator or administrator is a tough job, and you can tell when a teacher or principal loves education.

If smiles and friendliness are any indications, it's clear that Dr. Mike Cowan enjoys being principal at Cape Girardeau Central High School. The affable Cowan, who has be at Central High School for 14 years as principal and in Missouri public schools for 40 years, is set to retire at the end of the school year.

Cowan leaves an impressive resume. You can read about him in a story by Katie Lamb in today's newspaper. A few of the highlights during Cowan's time at Central include transitioning to the new high school during his second year at Central; attending the first Central football game at Tiger Stadium; and presiding over the centennial commencement for the school in 2012. He also was principal in 2013 when the Kinder Performance Hall opened.

Cowan is the longest serving principal in Central High School history.

What students, faculty, staff and alumni will remember about this man is his friendliness and love of education -- and his joyous energy walking the halls of the high school.

The topic of the day was always "Joyous moments of ... "

It certainly was a joy to have Dr. Mike Cowan as principal of Central High School. We wish him well in retirement.

Joyous moments, Dr. Cowan.