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France sees 19,000 cyberattacks

PARIS -- Hackers have targeted about 19,000 French websites since a rampage by Islamic extremists left 20 dead last week, a top French cyberdefense official said Thursday as the president tried to calm the nation's inflamed religious tensions. France is on edge since last week's attacks, which began Jan. 7 at the satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo. The paper, repeatedly threatened for its caricatures of the Muslim Prophet Muhammad, buried several of its slain staff members Thursday even as it reprinted another weekly issue with Muhammad on its cover.

Obama pushes for paid parental leave

BALTIMORE -- President Barack Obama on Thursday renewed his push for paid leave for parents and other workers, saying he's astonished so many people don't get paid sick leave. "How can we support working families so they have the tools to succeed in this new economy?" Obama said at a Baltimore cafe that offers earned sick leave to its workforce. Obama said the issue transcends demographics and geography. The White House said this week that Obama will make a new push on the issue, beginning with the State of Union address on Tuesday night. Obama will call on Congress, states and cities to pass measures to allow tens of millions of workers to earn up to a week of paid sick time a year. He'll ask Congress for more than $2 billion to encourage states to create paid family and medical leave programs.

Immigrants can get birth papers in U.S.

SANTA ANA, Calif. -- The Mexican government Thursday began issuing birth certificates to its citizens at its consulates in the United States to make it easier for immigrants to obtain U.S. work permits, driver's licenses and protection from deportation. Until now, Mexico has required its citizens to get birth certificates at government offices in Mexico. Many of those living in the U.S. ask friends and relatives back home to retrieve the paperwork, but the delay can hold up their applications for various benefits. Now, even as Republicans in Congress try to undo President Barack Obama's plan to shield millions of immigrants living illegally in the U.S., Mexico is trying to help them apply for programs that would allow them to remain in this country.

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