Southeast hits milestone in fall enrollment

Enrollment at Southeast Missouri State University has hit the 12,000 mark for the first time in school history, yet another sign of the good health of our local institution.

It marks the 20th year of consecutive enrollment growth for Southeast, and the 14th year of record-breaking enrollment.

Southeast Missouri State continues to grow and upgrade its physical campus with new buildings and renovations. It has also expanded its online offerings and facilities in other parts of the region.

It continues an aggressive outreach for potential students in the St. Louis area as well as emphasizing the priority of making the Cape Girardeau campus an attractive option for international students, one of the university's fastest-growing demographics.

The announcement of the 12,000 milestone came within days of another one.

Following Gov. Jay Nixon's release of primary and higher education funds (withheld by the governor as a bargaining chip in the veto override process), the Southeast Board of Regents approved lower students' incidental fees.

Fees charged to resident undergraduate students decreased by $3.50 per credit hour for undergraduate students, and by $4 per credit hour for lower-division courses at the regional campuses.

Southeast continues to grow and make good decisions, thanks to solid leadership across the board, from the president and countless other campus leaders, to the regents, who have the final say.

Congratulations to Southeast.