Letter to the Editor

Opposed to Proposition K

Proposition K will be on the ballot Aug. 5. It's another tax increase professing to provide for unmet needs. I'll agree that nobody wants children/youth to suffer a lack of services, but there will always be very plausible reasons to increase taxes, i.e., raises for firefighters/policemen, services for children, helping veterans, funding schools, saving puppies and kittens, etc. Prop K, essentially, forces you to "donate" to charities you might not otherwise choose to support. When is enough, enough?

This proposition was probably well-intended, but when citizens are having trouble putting food on their tables and gas in their vehicles, I can hardly support raising taxes once again. There are two tax issues just on the Aug. 5 ballot, with more coming in November. Prop K will create a huge, permanent slush fund of more than $3 million annually. An unelected board will be responsible for overseeing large expenditures from it. Who will be held accountable?

Prop K demands the maximum-allowable tax increase under RSMo 67.1775, one quarter of a cent added to Cape County's sales tax. If our situation in Cape County is that dire, how about appointing a board of knowledgeable community leaders to study our local funding issues? Cape County residents understand our needs best. Then, end inefficient programs and use those funds to address our current shortfalls. Missouri has a multitude of redundant programs that profess to help the under-served. Let's find what works best and ditch the rest.

Please vote "no" on Proposition K Aug. 5.