Cape County 4-Her's Attend State 4-H Congress

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Youth from every corner of the state gathered on the University of Missouri campus May 28-30 for the 69th annual State 4-H Congress. In all, 294 teens ages 14-18 participated in a variety of hands-on workshops that fit their interests. Choices ranged widely, from leadership development to acting, writing, and meteorology.

"4-H is about building life skills," said Lesley Meier, 4-H Youth Specialist. "State 4-H Congress helps teens develop important abilities, explore careers and make positive new friends from across the state."

State 4-H Congress delegates also elect 36 peers to represent them on the state's 4-H council for the coming year. This council works with faculty from MU and Lincoln University to provide a youth voice in the continued development of Missouri 4-H programs.

4-H in Missouri is a program of MU Extension. Over 22,000 Missouri children and youth participate in 4-H clubs, and over 276,000 were reached by Missouri 4-H programs in 2012. Research shows youth involved with 4-H more likely to pursue careers in science, excel in leadership, have higher educational goals, and embrace fewer unhealthy behaviors such as alcohol and tobacco.

Cape County had 16 members attend. They were Andrew Aufdenberg, Julie Aufdenberg, Nathan Aufdenberg, Natalie James, Blake Kasten, Jacob Koenig, Joshua Koenig, Victoria Kobak, Renee Peters, Bridget Schumer, Ryan Schumer, Chelsea Seyer, Ethan Seyer, Belinda Strack, Emily Todt, and Sarah Wichern with Jill Peters as the chaperone.

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