Summer scent tips: How to keep your scents light and sensible this summer

Wednesday, May 21, 2014
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The seasons affect everything we wear, eat and feel -- including the scents we choose. When weather warms, Americans turn to lighter scents in everything from body lotions and perfumes to clothing fabric softeners.

"Annual American perfume sales are around $5.2 billion," notes Sue Phillips, founder and president of Scenterprises Ltd., a custom perfumery. "Americans tend to prefer citrus and floral scents, but in the summer U.S. sales of fragrance tend to decrease or stay flat. At the same time, sales of light body misters and lotions increase, as consumers don't want to wear a 'heavy' scent."

Many new summer scents help reflect and enhance these changes in mood and attitude. One notable reason for this is the fragrance shift from the deep, dark, woodsy notes of the fall and winter, to the lighter citrus and floral scents that reflect the fun, fresh, spirited feeling of summer. Many winter perfumes are too heavy and strong for the summer, so people often choose this time to switch to fragrances that are lighter.

If you're looking for a way to lighten up your scents for summer, Phillips offers a few tips:

* Heat and humidity can intensify a scent. You may be able to stick with your signature scent if you simply wear a little less of it, or use an eau de toilette formula rather than perfume, which tends to be more concentrated.

* If your favorite winter scent simply can't hold up to summer's heat, switch to a perfume with a lighter aroma, such as citrus or florals.

* Be aware of other daily wear items that influence your overall summer scent experience. Most lotions, shampoos and even sunscreens have a scent. It's important to ensure your layers of scent don't clash or overwhelm each other. For example, your floral perfume won't pair well with a layer of coconut-scented sunscreen. When in doubt, opt for scent-free items like hair spray, deodorant and sunscreen so your scent of choice can shine through without competition.