Letter to the Editor

Utility rates are unreasonable

The energy market has gotten out of control. Companies such as Ameren have taken this fact and used it to their advantage, charging its customers an arm and a leg on their rates, far beyond what is necessary. Half a billion new surcharges in the last five years have put their customers in a tough place financially.

These Missouri citizens need help. Somebody with the power to regulate monopolies in the state should be standing up for consumers and keep Ameren from increasing their rates any further. Their overearnings have been excessive, and they don't seem to want to help out their loyal clients in any way.

The more people that speak up about this, the better. If we all tell Ameren that they are doing bad business for Missouri, perhaps some changes can be made. Until then, things will only get worse for energy customers.

DAVID SMITH, Cape Girardeau