I Rescued My Bestfriend

Sunday, February 23, 2014

About a year ago I rescued a pitbull mix female puppy from a Samsonite suitcase in the trash,,,,,She was laying and whining in this suitcase as I walked by and heard her,,,,i immediately took it home opened it and there she was,,the most beautiful little girl I ever saw,,,she was red with big blueish yellow eyes I have never seen anything like her,,,I gave her a bath,fed,her,and loved her,,she has an appointment with the vet to be fixed not because I'm selfish and don't love puppies but, because I love my dog.Daisey,has pulled me through a lot ,you see,i have mental illnesses that she don't care that I have and she has loved me unconditionally no matter how sick I get,she is always there. Daisey Annabelle Francis,is her name and I wouldn't trade her for anything in the world,,,,she's older now and her eyes are totally yellow now but,i still love her and I love her so much. That's my story.

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