MyTeam Triumph provides positive experiences

There are many ways to give. General volunteering and monetary support are at the forefront. But there also are other inspirational ways to help people in this area.

A story in Monday's paper by reporter Emily Priddy highlighted the local chapter of MyTeam Triumph, an organization that helps disabled individuals participate in an endurance race. This is done as runners, also called "angels," push the captain, a disabled person who otherwise could not be involved, in a special chair.

The organization was started in 2006, but the local chapter is a recent addition.

The front-page photo with the story showed the enthusiasm, and not only from the captain. It's a blessing to help others, and the runners in the photo clearly enjoyed the opportunity.

Chapter president Debbie Leoni said the chairs cost between $1,200 and $1,800 each. She said the chapter has two captains, but with more chairs will come more captains to use them.

There are several ways to be involved. In addition to running, people are needed to help with photography, fundraising, website updates and more.

Leoni told the Southeast Missourian that runners do not have to be fast. They match individuals with others of a similar pace, something meant to help prevent injuries.

Congratulations to the group on their efforts. This is a neat opportunity to help someone with a disability enjoy an exhilarating endurance race, but even more so to enjoy the social component of participating.

More information on the organization and local chapter is available online at mtt-semo.org or call 920-664-0411.