Four by Four 11/24/13

Sunday, November 24, 2013 ~ Updated 12:12 AM

1-What would you do if someone gave you a million dollars?

2-When was the last time you traveled outside of Missouri, and for what reason?

3-If you could change one thing about yourself, what would that be, and why?

4-What do you think of the Black Friday shopping frenzy, or stores that are open Thanksgiving for Christmas shopping?

Grayson Erlbacher

Grayson Erlbacher

General manager, Erlbacher Gear and Machine Works

Cape Girardeau

1-If I had a million dollars I would divide it up into sections. I would give part to charity, I would save part of it and go on an adventure trip with the other part.

2-This past weekend I went to Illinois to go fox hunting on my horse. We chased the hounds and had a good time looking for foxes and coyotes. The priest came and blessed the hounds.

3-I would be more organized. My desk is a mess. My office is a mess. I definitely need organization in my life.

4-I will not be shopping that week. I prefer to buy everything online. I hate crowds. One year for Christmas my mother gave me one year of personal shopping. I gave her the money and she shopped for me.

Quent Kasten

Quent Kasten

Assistant general manager, Kasten Masonry Sales, Jackson

Cape Girardeau

1-First I would pay off some bills and get the debt all cleared up. Then I would probably give some to charity and stock some away for children' college.

2-I just got back from Las Vegas. I was there for a pool and spa show looking for products that we sell.

3-Probably I would be a little more outgoing, more social, talk to people a little bit more and get to know them better.

4-I don't do the Black Friday shopping. I let my wife do most of the Christmas shopping. Any presents I need to get I'll probably do the last minute.

Curstan Dye

Curstan Dye

Senior, agri-business major, Southeast Missouri State University

St. Peters, Mo.

1-I would first pay off all of my student loans, pay my father's medical bills and then buy myself a brand new house in New Orleans. I love the culture there and it's a pretty fun party town.

2-The last time was when I went to Chicago. I went for pleasure and shopping, and chocolate. It was amazing. I am a connoisseur of sweets. Whenever I go out of town, I have to try their specialty.

3-The one thing I would change is how analytical I am. I am extremely analytical. It pays off in regard to school work, but social life, no.

4-I won't be shopping then. It's too much for my senses at once with the lines and the crowds. It's like an overload. I've done it, but it's the ruthlessness that people go through to get a deal.

Jack Martin

Jack Martin

Park maintenance, city of Jackson


1-I would pay off my house, give some to the church and go on a big trip. I think I would go to Alaska and Europe.

2-We went on vacation to Pensacola, Fla.

3-I would probably be more considerate of others and try to give more back to the community.

4-I did it one time. I went out to Bent Creek and stood in line to get a "game changer" pass to play golf. I got there at 5 and they opened at 7. It was quite a bit of savings.

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