Thanks for storm cleanup support

Sunday, November 24, 2013

As we all know a bad storm came through our area Sunday afternoon.

This turned out to be a tornado that destroyed several homes and business.

One of the responsibilities of the highway department is to make sure all county roads are clear of debris.

Today I went down Rd. 507, where homes were destroyed and debris was scattered across our road and a large field.

There was a group of young boys picking up the debris and piling it at the edge of the field.

A man who I found in charge was the football coach.

I was on this road for about one hour, trying to get a game plan on how to clean up the road debris.

I told everybody we would have our workforce there first thing in the morning.

Commissioner Donnie Keifer and I went back to 507 Wednesday afternoon so I could show him what I wanted to do. But to my surprise, the boys from Kelly High school already had cleaned up almost all of the debris.

I just wanted to let the coach and all the boys know how much labor they saved us.

It's times like this that bring out the best in people, and today I got to witness it firsthand. When I left 507, the coach and boys were cleaning up around one of the homes that was destroyed.

Please just pass it on that I am very thankful for their help.

NORMAN BRANT, highway superintendent,

Scott County Highway Department, Scott City