Cape County Tea Party Meeting - 11/19



On Tuesday November 19th, 2013 at 6:30pm, the Cape County Tea Party (CCTP) will hold its open monthly meeting at the Cape Girardeau Public Library. The meeting is also called Third Tuesday Tea Time (TTTT) and is held on the Third Tuesday of each month to continue the work to complete our Mission as stated below.

Speaker / Program

We hope to cover three topics at this month's meeting:

First, David Epps will give his presentation on an alternative to Solar Energy that could be considered by the Cape City Council. He believes his option will pay itself off more than 15 years sooner than a Solar Array.

We will also brainstorm on subjects for Legislation to be introduced at the 2014 Missouri State Regular Legislative Session. Citizens have great ideas on how to better run out state, and it's time to start putting those ideas to work.

And, time permitting, Brian Bollmann give a presentation on the 'Consent of the Governed'. This presentation is a short portion of the Level 1 training from the Center for Self-Governance. (

Cape County Tea Party urges all Cape County citizens to take part in this amazing training and certification system. The Founders intended for citizens to be daily active participants in controlling instituted government, so a good place to start is by gaining an understanding of what the 'Consent of the Governed' really means.


The goals of each meeting are to:

- Promote Self-Governance, Freedom, Free Markets, Responsibility, and Civic Authority

- Disseminate current and topical information that affects CCTP members and the community at large (typically a speaker)

- Engage the attendees in a form of activism to work toward the completion of our mission

- Increase the membership of the CCTP

Everyone is invited regardless of party or ideology! We hope you will attend! Expect homework!

For more information, see the TTTT link on our website:


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Interview/General Contacts:

- Brian Bollmann / 314.882.3327 /

- Jan Farrar /

- Jeannie Hinck / 573.334.6340 /

Our mission is to attract, educate, organize and mobilize fellow citizens to secure Public Policy consistent with Fiscal Responsibility, Founding Principles and Constitutionally Limited Government under God.