Kota -The Great Escape - Travel Journal Part 5

Tuesday, September 24, 2013
Week 15 Sept. 18 Kota is doing research. She is excited about the Bollinger County Fall Festival Parade.

Hello world. I'm back in Bollinger County again. The trip through the sky was amazing and fun, but my tummy is feeling a little off. I wander down to this building that has a lot of animals going inside and find out they are getting in line for something. I decide to join the line and see what's up. Turns out we are getting a "checkup." After I get looked over and checked out I hear them talking and saying I probably just had motion sickness. Who knew riding in a big bird could make you feel funny? Since I am feeling much better now I decide it is time to make like a bird and fly out of there. Slipping out the door I follow my nose to a door with a sign over it that has an animal and some letters; maybe a B and a Q, inside a circle. Next I decide to do a little research since I haven't had much luck finding live dinosaurs. I slip inside this building that has some dinosaur pictures on the outside. Hey there's a dinosaur in the corner. I try to talk to this guy but he's not saying anything so I wander over to where I have seen people playing on the boards with pictures and words on them. I want to see what I can find out about dinosaurs. Hey here's something really interesting there will be a big parade on Saturday, September 28; boy would I love to be in the parade! Oops I better slip out I see somebody headed my way. Maybe I'll just go home to the museum it's a really great place to be. I miss all my little friends who play with me and feed me leaves. This has been fun but I think it might be time to head home.

P.S. Rumor has it Kota will make an appearance riding in the Bollinger County Fall Festival Parade on September 28 before taking up residence in her home at the museum.

Thanks for taking this ride with Kota on her Great Escape adventure. Who knows maybe Kota will have to take a vacation next summer.

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