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why conventional treatments like chemotherapy are not your first or only line of defense

(October 19th) -- You do not have to sit by idly and hope you don't get cancer. You can actually fight cancer every day. Cancer can be defeated before it develops, which may prevent the need for chemotherapy and radiation treatments later on. Dr. Matt Uchtman is hosting the Maximized Living Cancer Killers Makeover, a public workshop to teach people of all ages how to prepare their bodies to prevent and fight cancer naturally. This event will take place from on Saturday October 19th from 9:00 AM until 11:30 AM at The Osage Center, 1625 N Kingshighway Cape Girardeau, MO 63701

According to the American Cancer Society, 1 in 3 U.S. women and 1 in 2 men will be diagnosed with cancer during their lifetimes. Many of these people assume their only protection to be physically and financially crippling conventional therapies. This is not true. At this Makeover event, guests will learn to:

*Deplete cancer's fuel source by avoiding a single common ingredient
*Utilize glutathione, a cancer-killing antioxidant produced within the body
*Increase levels of bodily oxygen to halt the spread of cancer
*Prevent inflammatory toxic build up by replacing disease-causing household items
*Acquire nutrients known to maximize the body's natural defenses against diseases like cancer

All diseases--including cancer-- are caused by cells becoming toxic, deficient, or losing the ability to function. Dr. Matt Uchtman is hosting this workshop to help local families overcome the common misconceptions surrounding cancer and its conventional medical therapies.

"Research has shown that you can reduce your chances of getting cancer as well as dramatically increase your chance of overcoming it if you're dealing with this disease already," said Dr. Ben Lerner, co-author of "The Cancer Killers." Dr. Uchtman noted, "The best way to beat cancer is to stop creating it through our everyday life style choices".

For more information about the October workshop, visit or call Josh Uchtman at 573-651-0500

About Dr. Matt Uchtman

In May of 2012, Dr. Matthew Uchtman opened the Cape Girardeau area's first Maximized Living Health Center. After owning and operating two successful practices in the St. Louis region, Dr. Matt and his family decided to bring Maximized Living and the 5 Essentials to Southeast Missouri.

Maximized Living is a comprehensive health delivery system utilized by a network of hundreds of chiropractors and associated health care leaders. These doctors incorporate the 5 Essentials™ to identify root causes of health issues, remove interference and allow patients to build health, rather than mask or treat problems with medications and surgery.

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