SEMO District Fair winners

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Hot Rod Truck and Tractor Pull

Illinois Tractor Pulling Association, Inc.

58 Mod

First: Curt Michenheimer, Taylorville, Ill.

Second: Jacob Ohl, Danville, Ill.

Third: Chase Lowry, Reynolds, Ind.

Fourth: Russell Vandeveer, Kinmundy, Ill.

85 LPS

First: Aaron Esker, Fults, Ill.

Second: Kenny Kozuszek, Nashville, Ill.

Third: Wayne Tedder, Tamaroa, Ill.

Fourth: Danny Bartling, Nashville, Ill.


First: Matt Penn, Edina, Mo.

Second: Brad Ingram, Farina, Ill.

Third: Daniel Whalen, Waverly, Ill.

Fourth: Matt Reid, Troy, Mo.

95 LDS

First: Mark Wells, Sturgis, Ky.

Second: Andrew Clark, Poplar Bluff, Mo.

Third: Mick Gajewski, Nashville, Ill.

Fourth: Wayne Tedder, Tamaroa, Ill.

20 PSS

First: Jerry Walker, no address given

Second: Jerry Walker, no address given

Third: Brian Stalker, no address given

Bootheel Pullers Association

Class 6000 LB V8

First: Mike Brockmire, distance 315.1

Second: David Steinnerd, distance 315.08

Third: Doug Deckard, distance 307.07

6000 LB

First: Mark Foestee, distance 339.05

Second: Allen McKinley, distance 302.1

Third: Keith Jones, distance 276.1

Fourth: Keith Ward, distance 140.04

7000 LB

First: Danny Dabbs, distance 326.07

Second: Lane Dabbs, distance 325.06

Third: Neil Dabbs, distance 317.08

Fourth: Ryan Turner, distance 303.02

Fifth: Mark Hale, distance 295.09

Sixth: Allen Magill, distance 279.04

Seventh: Clay West, distance 254.09

Karaoke contest Junior Division

First: Amber Vandeven, Chaffee, Mo.

Second: Amanda Stephens, Cape Girardeau

Third: Heather Conaway, Jackson

Senior Division

First: Kate Broecking, Cape Girardeau

Second: Kevin Harbison, Sikeston, Mo.

Third: Olivia Gordon, Anna, Ill.

Duet Division

First: Kevin Harbison, Sikeston, Mo., and Amber Vandeven, Chaffee, Mo.

Second: James Hornbuckle and Mary Smith, McClure, Ill.

Senior Draft Horse/Mule Hitch Challenge

First: Darold Mills, Patton, Mo.

Second: Dayne Greer, Coldwater, Mo.

Third: Dude Huey, Cape Girardeau

Fourth: Michael King, Oak Ridge, Mo.

Fifth: Trish Kell, Cape Girardeau/Miami, Fla.

Sixth: Ronald Estes, Marble Hill, Mo.

Seventh: La Donna Mills, Marquand, Mo.

Eighth: Edwin Peetz, Jr., Jackson

Ninth: Earl Amelunke, Gordonville

Tenth: Mary King, Oak Ridge

Demolition Derby

Regular Cars

Heat 1

First: Dustin Matty, Cape Girardeau

Second: Eric Holder, Scott City

Third: Trevor Niswonger, Scott City

Fourth: Charles Lilly, Scott City

Heat 2

First: Matt Seiler, Friedheim

Second: Chris Berkbigler, Old Appleton

Third: Dustin Brackett, Cape Girardeau

Fourth: Dale Welker, Millersville


First: Matt Seiler, Friedheim

Second: Keith Zoellner, Perryville, Mo.

Third: Chris Berkbigler, Old Appleton

Fourth: Dustin Brackett, Cape Girardeau

Fifth: Cory Myers, no address given

Mini Cars

First: Kim Short, Anna, Ill.

Second: Billy Curtis, Jackson

Third: Brad Shipley, Jonesboro, Ill.

Fourth: Derrick Temke, Olive Branch, Ill., and Roger Austin, Cape Girardeau

Fifth: Levi Lewis, Jackson, and Rhonda Kelch, Cairo, Ill.

Miss SEMO Fair

Age Group 2-3 years

First: Margaret Ann Florian, parents George and Kelly Florian, Cape Girardeau

Second: Alexis VanGennip, parent Alisa VanGennip, Marble Hill, Mo.

Third: Charlie Walker, parents Jodie Walker and Brandon Czik, Bell City, Mo.

Age Group 4-6 years

First: Kay Leigh Milam, parent Mary Theresa Milam, Cape Girardeau

Second: Ella Jane Lemings, parent Kari Lemings, Gideon, Mo.

Third: Brooklynn Putty, parents Michelle and Austin Putty, Cape Girardeau

Age Group 7-9 years

First: Katelynn Owens, parent Shannon Owens, Dexter, Mo.

Second: Maleigh Elizabeth Lemings, parent Kari Lemings, Gideon, Mo.

Third: Leah Lambert, parent Pam Lambert, Sikeston, Mo.

Age Group 10-13 years

First: Lyndsey Renae McClendon, parent John McClendon, Sikeston, Mo.

Second: Macy Hilleman, parent Jennifer Nunos Nichols, Scott City

Third: Lauren Everett, parent Christy Everett, Campbell, Mo.

Age Group 14-16 years

First: Ashlyn Tate Bedell, parent Mia Bedell, Sikeston, Mo.

Second: Olivia Nash, parent T. Nash, Sikeston, Mo.

Third: Brooke Smith, parent Judy Smith, Poplar Bluff, Mo.

Age Group 17-22 years

First: Aria Parker, Morley, Mo.

Second: Aimee Stockard, parent Stephanie Stockard, Jackson

Third: Taylor Owens, parent Shannon Owens, Dexter, Mo.

Twins Look-A-Like contest

First: Mollie and Sophie Thompson, Oak Ridge

Second: Preston and Porter Schilli, Perryville, Mo.

Third: Lindsey and Lauren Landewee, Cape Girardeau

Mother/Daughter Look-A-Like contest

First: Summer Uelsman and Madison Smith, Jackson

Second: Amber Scudder and Emma Scudder, Sikeston, Mo.

Third: Renee McAlister and Katie McAlister, Jonesboro, Ill.

Baby Girl Contest

Age Group 3-6 months

First: Zoey Lynn Humphey, parents Ashley Wunderlich and Zachary Humphey, Jackson

Second: Claire Kight, parents Amanda and Sam Kight, Cape Girardeau

Third: N'velah Wade, parents Ebony Wade and Dalton Burns, Cape Girardeau

Age Group 7-9 months

First: Cathy Ann Staten, parents Kristing Staten and Bobby Staten, Cape Girardeau

Second: Raelyn Jane Stovall, parents Amy and Cody Stovall, Cape Girardeau

Third: Karly Seabaugh, parents Casey and Nick Seabaugh, Patton, Mo.

Age Group 10-12 months

First: Lakelyn Prescott, parents Rebacca Prescott and Steven Prescott, Jackson

Second: Kylie Jo Yamnitz, parents Samantha Campbell and Brandon Yamnitz, Jackson

Third: Emma Heisserer, parents Susan and Trevor Heisserer, Jackson

Age Group 13-15 months

First: Kynlee Anne Dannenmueller, parents Raquel and Curtis Dannenmueller, Scott City

Second: Avery Mae Lynn Kirchhoff, parents Hanna and Matthew Kirchhoff, Cape Girardeau

Third: Reagan Simmons, parents Ashley Alley and Justin Simmons, Cape Girardeau

Age Group 16-18 months

First: Kinleigh Brown, parents Lindsey Newell and Willie Brown, Cape Girardeau

Second: Leigha Salzman, parents Jaime and William Salzman, Scott City

Third: Lillie Renee' McClard, parents Mekisha McClard and Lance Evans, Patton, Mo.

Age Group 19-24 months

First: Emily James, parents JoAnn and Danny James, Leopold, Mo.

Second: Adalyn Follis, parents Ashley and Matthew Follis, Jonesboro, Ill.

Third: Brissa Loren Boyd, parents Vessica and Brandon Boyd, Marble Hill, Mo.

Father/Son Look-A-Like Contest

First: Garrett and Jonathan Michael, Cape Girardeau

Second: Liam and Quentin Kelly, Jackson

Third: John-Ross and Jamie Williams, Sikeston, Mo.

Baby Boy Contest

Age Group 3-6 months

First: Jace Houseman, parents Jesse and Chelsea Houseman, Jackson

Second: Marak Hess, parents Nikolas Hess and Sydnay Cheek, Jackson

Third: Kendall King, parents Greg King and Dana Phillips, McClure, Ill.

Age Group 7-9 months

First: Malakhi Pearson, parents Manteal Pearson and Brittany McClanahan, Cape Girardeau

Second: Eli Subramani, parents Vishnu and Melissa Subramani, Cape Girardeau

Third: Ivan Drum, parents Bradley and Jaime Drum, Millersville

Age Group 10-12 months

First: Brayden Sherfield, parents Matt Sherfield and Kristen Williams, Essex, Mo.

Second: Mason Luehrs, parents Patrick and Whitney Luehrs, Cape Girardeau

Third: Mason Lekki, parents Dennis and Misty Lekki, Cape Girardeau

Age Group 13-15 months

First: Bentlie Rodgers, parents Amber and Jeremy Rodgers, Sturdevant, Mo.

Age Group 16-8 months

First: William Stone III, parents Trey and Alyssa Stone, Jackson

Second: Ryder Otterson, parents Rand and Haley Otterson, Cape Girardeau

Third: Lucas Davis, parents Scott and September Davis, Jonesboro, Ill.

Age Group19-24 months

First: Tegan Martin, parent Theresa Hanners, Benton, Mo.

Second: Xander Otten, parents Marco and Leeann Otten, Jackson

Third: Layton Musgrave, parent Lindsey Musgrave, Chaffee, Mo.

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