Letter to the Editor

Support of HB 253

As a longtime resident of Southeast Missouri and an active participant in the state's largest industry, agriculture, it is my strong hope that the legislature does the right thing for us on Sept. 11, and overrides the governor's veto of House Bill 253, which will reduce the individual and corporate income tax over a 10-year period and phase-in a 50 percent income tax reduction for small businesses over five years.

Family farms are small businesses, and we must be aware of the benefits of this bill, which will bring much-needed tax relief and government accountability to all Missourians.

When implemented, House Bill 253 would immediately start to help Missouri farm owners, and in five years will cut our state income taxes in half. This will allow us to expand our businesses, invest in new equipment and technologies to increase production, hire additional workers and compete with other states, particularly states like neighboring Tennessee, which doesn't have an income tax at all; and Oklahoma and Kansas, both of which are taking aggressive steps to reduce or eliminate their state income tax.

In our increasingly global economy, it is critical that Missouri businesses be able to compete. Unlike other businesses, farmers are tied to our land. We can't just move to another state. And that makes HB253 particularly important to us.

Caroline Strom, Sikeston, Mo.