UW kickoff

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Today the United Way of Southeast Missouri will kick off its annual fundraising appeal, with the organization and many area partners set to unveil the 2013 campaign goal.

The theme is local superheroes. Having watched the promotional video, we feel the United Way captured what giving means to many in this community. From helping children who need advocates, to providing meals for those struggling to make end's meet, along with many other good causes, the United Way has become the central charity that helps many in our area. Those who support these causes are heroes to those in need.

The 2012 campaign was a successful one. The goal was $950,000, and more than $1 million was raised. This is a remarkable display of generosity, and one that we're confident will continue with the support of individuals and corporate partners. Success is not taken for granted, especially since in recent years the United Way fell short of its fundraising goals. Your donation of time or money is needed.

If your employer offers payroll deduction, please consider this option. If not, you can still financially support the United Way directly.

The United Way also encourages individuals to give of their time. Volunteering through Read to Succeed and other programs is equally as important as financial support.

Thank you in advance for your contributions. We look forward to seeing this year's campaign goal.

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