A 'Gone Girl' Who's Who

Friday, August 23, 2013

The possibility of Cape Girardeau hosting the filming of 20th Century Fox's feature film "Gone Girl" has created quite a buzz in the community. During the last several weeks, various homeowners have had their properties inspected and photographed by location scouts for potential use in the movie, and on Saturday about 1,400 people looking to be chosen as background extras attended a casting call at Rose Theatre.

Based on that, 20th Century Fox has given strong indications that Cape Girardeau might be chosen as a location for filming, which according to usatoday.com could begin as early as September. While hopes run high for "Gone Girl" to be filmed in the city, many people may not be familiar with the particulars of the movie, like who the actors may be and who is directing the film. In what can be described as a helpful guide, the following is an updated "'Gone Girl' Who's Who" of actors, characters and other principals involved with the production.

Ben Affleck-- "Nick Dunne"

Ben Affleck

Affleck, 41, has been a dependable presence in feature films since portraying the annoying O'Bannion in 1993's "Dazed and Confused." Affleck steadily attained more recognition in his following roles, most notably in "Chasing Amy" in 1997 and, that same year, "Good Will Hunting," which he cowrote and starred in with boyhood friend Matt Damon. Affleck and Damon received Academy Awards for Best Original Screenplay for their efforts, and Affleck's career continued to flourish with roles in Hollywood blockbusters like "Armageddon" and "Pearl Harbor" and a string of other high-caliber roles. Affleck was again recognized with an Academy Award for Best Picture in 2013 as a producer of the thriller "Argo," in which he also played the role of CIA operative Tony Mendez.

According to imdb.com, Affleck has been tapped to play the role of Nick Dunne in "Gone Girl." Nick, with his wife Amy, relocate to the fictional Mississippi River town of North Carthage, Mo., from New York City after Nick's job is eliminated through downsizing. But their marriage grows more and more dysfunctional, and on their fifth wedding anniversary Amy goes missing. Nick becomes a prime suspect, and his unemotional reaction to his wife's disappearance leads many to conclude that he is responsible for Amy's disappearance and, in all likelihood, her death.

Rosamund Pike-- "Amy Dunne"

Rosamund Pike

Born in London, England, Rosamund Pike is perhaps best known to American moviegoers for starring with Tom Cruise in 2012's "Jack Reacher." But Pike, 34, is a veteran actress, having appeared in stage productions while attending Oxford University and starring in British television programs after her graduation. Pike first received acclaim as a Bond Girl in 2002's "Die Another Day," and she gained further exposure and critical praise for her role as Jane in "Pride & Prejudice" in 2005. Pike also ventured into American cinema by playing a scientist in 2005's film adaptation of the computer game "Doom" and as an attorney opposite Anthony Hopkins in 2007's "Fracture." Also in 2012, Pike portrayed Andromeda in "Wrath Of The Titans," which grossed more than $300 million worldwide.

Pike will portray Amy Dunne in "Gone Girl," according to imdb.com. Amy moves to North Carthage with her husband Nick, but she misses her life in New York City and grows to despise the one she is leading in the Midwest. When Amy goes missing, Nick is suspected as having been involved with her disappearance, but things may not be as they seem.

Neil Patrick Harris -- reportedly in talks for a supporting role

Neil Patrick Harris

Harris, 40, has been a familiar face to television and movie audiences since the 1980s. Harris first attracted attention by playing a prodigy-turned-doctor on the TV series "Doogie Howser, M.D." from 1989 to 1993, and after the series he starred in stage productions and made-for-television movies. Harris made big-screen appearances in 1997's "Starship Troopers" and the "The Proposition" in 1998. Harris returned to television in the short-lived sitcom "Stark Raving Mad" in 1999, and he was also seen in the big-screen projects "The Next Best Thing" in 2000 and "Undercover Brother" in 2002. In 2005, Harris returned to television in the sitcom "How I Met Your Mother," which continues to be a highly rated program on CBS.

According to eonline.com, Harris is rumored to be in talks for a supporting role in "Gone Girl." Harris said he is "a big fan of the book," and working with director David Fincher is "high up my bucket list."

Tyler Perry -- reportedly being considered for a supporting role

Tyler Perry

Perry, 43, is known to millions as the creator of the hit sitcoms "Meet The Browns" and "Tyler Perry's House of Payne" for TBS. But Perry also possesses a wealth of other talent, as evidenced by his performance as Madea, Brian and Joe in 2005's "Diary Of A Mad Black Woman," which he also wrote. Perry followed up that effort by directing, writing and performing in the sequel, "Madea's Family Reunion," in 2006. Perry's next film, "Why Did I Get Married?", was released in 2007 and topped the box office during its opening weekend. Perry continues to create for television, with his "The Haves And Have Nots" and "Love Thy Neighbor" airing on Oprah Winfrey's OWN network.

Perry, according to huffingpost.com, is reportedly being considered for a supporting role in "Gone Girl."

David Fincher -- director

David Fincher

Fincher, 50, began his career directing music videos for artists like Madonna, Don Henley and Billy Idol. He helmed his first major motion picture in 1993 with the Sigourney Weaver thriller, "Alien 3." Since then, Fincher has become one of Hollywood's most prolific directors with a reputation for getting the most from the talented actors he works with. Fincher directed Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman in the 1995 psycho-thriller "Se7en," following that with "The Game" in 1997 which starred Michael Douglas and Sean Penn. Fincher worked with Brad Pitt again in 1999's "Fight Club," and in 2002 he directed Jodie Foster and Forest Whitaker in "Panic Room." Fincher, once again working with Brad Pitt, directed "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" in 2008, for which he received his first Academy Award nomination for Best Director. Fincher would receive a second nomination for Best Director in 2010 for "The Social Network," and 2011 saw his latest directorial work with "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo."

Gillian Flynn -- screenplay

Gillian Flynn

Flynn, whose contemporary thriller novel "Gone Girl" was published in 2012, is attached to write the screenplay for the film adaptation. Flynn's book topped The New York Times Hardcover Fiction best seller list for eight weeks and sold more than 2 million copies by the end of its first year in publication, according to Crown Publishing Group. Flynn, 41, also penned "Sharp Objects" in 2007 and "Dark Places" in 2010. Flynn is also a former television critic for "Entertainment Weekly."

Reese Witherspoon -- producer

Reese Witherspoon

Witherspoon, through her production company Pacific Standard, secured the film rights to Gillian Flynn's novel "Gone Girl" in 2012 for a reported $1.5 million. The film adaptation of "Gone Girl" will mark Witherspoon's first production since "Penelope" in 2006. Witherspoon, 37, is also an accomplished leading actress who won an Academy Award for Best Actress in 2006 for her portrayal of June Carter Cash in "Walk The Line."



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