About 1,400 flock to casting call for 'Gone Girl' film

Jamie Schuette, right, takes a photo of Jean Ann Burke during a casting call Saturday for the feature film “Gone Girl” at the Rose Theatre at Southeast Missouri State University. More photos may be seen in a gallery at semissourian.com. (Adam Vogler)

A Saturday casting call that sought background extras for the 20th Century Fox feature film "Gone Girl" is estimated to have attracted 1,400 people looking for a chance to appear in front of Hollywood movie cameras.

"I think the casting company was pleasantly surprised with the turnout," said Dr. Jim Dufek, a coordinator of the event and a professor in Southeast Missouri State University's Department of Mass Media. "More importantly, it shows that Cape Girardeau is serious about supporting the filming of 'Gone Girl' here."

The casting call, which was from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. in Southeast's Rose Theatre, saw hopefuls from around the area stream inside the theater before the all-day session began. In keeping with an open casting call, people of all ages, shapes and sizes filled out information cards and took their seats in the theater as they waited to be photographed and, in some cases, interviewed by the casting director from Hamilton Casting Co. of New York City.

"I've wanted to act since I was little," said Jack Johnson, 28, of Jackson. "Even if it's not a big break, it could mean extra money for me being a paid extra. Whatever happens, man."

Pete Housman, 63, of Jonesboro, Ill., said the gathering at Rose Theatre was a standard "cattle call."

Prospective actors wait in line to have their photo taken during a casting call for the feature film "Gone Girl," Saturday, Aug. 17, at the Rose Theater on the Southeast Missouri State University campus. Hundreds of local residents attended the open casting call in hopes of a chance to be an background extras in the film. (Adam Vogler)

"I thought that coming here would be a fun thing to do," Housman said. "It's fun to see all of the other people, too."

Housman said it was exciting that Hollywood could bring a film project to the region.

"When it comes to shooting locations, places like Missouri and Illinois are frequently ignored," he said. "That's a shame, because we have some of the most beautiful scenery that could be used."

Once the potential extras reached the Rose Theatre stage to be photographed, some were ushered into a side area where they were interviewed by the casting director or an associate.

"They asked me what I like to do for hobbies," said Bob Brown, 60, of Jackson. "They also wanted me to do a Clint Eastwood-like stare on camera."

Marshohn Woods of Sikeston, Mo., said he was asked an age-appropriate question during his interview.

"They asked me what my favorite subject was in school," said Woods, 15. "I said, P.E."

While no official word has been given by 20th Century Fox as to whether Cape Girardeau will be a filming location for "Gone Girl," the fact there was a local casting call could be a signal the city will be the chosen location or is strongly in the running.

"It's a good sign," said Mayor Harry Rediger, who attended the casting call with his wife, Fran. "But they could cast here and then wind up filming somewhere else. We'll have to see."

20th Century Fox's production of the film originates from the best-selling novel "Gone Girl" by Gillian Flynn. Published in June 2012, the plot centers on the difficult marriage of writers Nick and Amy Dunne and whether Nick killed his wife on their five-year anniversary. The book is partly set in a Missouri town on the Mississippi River.

The film adaptation of "Gone Girl" reportedly will be directed by David Fincher, an Oscar-nominated director of films such as "Fight Club," "The Social Network" and "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo." According to imdb.com, Ben Affleck has been tapped to play the role of Nick Dunne, with Rosamund Pike portraying his wife, Amy Dunne.



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