Bikes on Broadway

Some cyclists are upset about new signs that have been erected on Broadway that prohibit riding bicycles on the sidewalks. Actually, the signs don't prohibit the riding; the ordinances do.

And that's the point the city is trying to make. Bicycles are not allowed on the sidewalks in the city, and haven't been for a long time.

In fact, laws across the land recognize bicycles as vehicles, which belong on the roadways.

This causes dilemmas in areas like Broadway, for instance.

Bikes can cause hazards for pedestrians, and the new streetscape has welcomed more walkers to the area. When you also consider that businesses and cars are opening and shutting doors and the city is considering allowing for restaurant tables on the walkways, the city's rules make sense.

But cyclists can find themselves unwanted on the streets, too. Motorists can become frustrated when they crawl behind a bicycle that is taking up the center of the lane. With parking along the street, there is nowhere for the cyclist to go.

A strong case can be made that riding in the middle of a lane is not a safe way for a child to ride his or her bike when traveling to, say, Capaha Park or the riverfront. We strongly encourage parents in that area to have their children ride their bikes on blocks parallel to Broadway that have less traffic.

Regardless, let's give our cyclists a break, shall we? Let's all be patient and give them the space they need to travel the healthy, and legal, way.