Raising healthy children

Monday, July 8, 2013

Dr. Matt Uchtman is hosting an open health workshop to reveal the truth about children's health care in this country. This workshop will also outline the steps every parent can take to ensure a lifetime of health for their children.

This one-of-a-kind workshop will take place at 1812 N Kingshighway on Monday, July 22nd 6:30 PM

Entitled, "Raising Healthy Families," this workshop will explain the faults and misperception of our health care system, which has increased childhood medications while simultaneously decreasing the life expectancy of our next generation. Attendees will learn:

- How a healthy childhood can prevent the development of chronic disease.

- How to predispose your kids to healthy decision making.

- How to improve children's learning ability through nutrition and exercise.

- How drugs like Adderall and Ritalin cause negative long-term outcomes.

There are medication-free ways to help our children attain life-lasting health. Dr. Matt Utchman is hosting this public wellness workshop to demonstrate how proactive, maintenance care helps children get well--and stay well--for life.

"Parents and teaching authorities let their children eat blue, purple, and fried food, remain sedentary and take medications. It must be that they think there are no consequences," said Dr. Ben Lerner, co-founder of Maximized Living. "The reality is that ill health, disease and body type are established as a child - making childhood the most important time to live the right lifestyle.

"As parents," says Dr. Matt Uchtman, "we have such a crucial role in our children's success, our choices dictate their futures."

For more information about the July workshop, visit www.elevationchiro.com or call Josh Uchtman at 573-651-0500

About Dr. Matt Uchtman

In May of 2012, Dr. Matt Uchtman opened the Cape Girardeau area's first Maximized Living Health Center. After owning and operating two successful practices in the St. Louis region, Dr. Matt and his family decided to bring Maximized Living and the 5 Essentials to Southeastern Missouri

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