Letter to the Editor

ISRS is an investment

Friday, May 17, 2013

I was brought up to believe that there is a difference between an investment and a frivolous expense. Investments cost money at first but they have a long-term benefit which outweigh the costs. Frivolous expenses are often the kind of thing you run into when you avoid making necessary investments. Unfortunately, there are some who seem not to be making that distinction this legislative session while debating the proposed Infrastructure System Replacement Surcharge for electric utilities.

It is true that electricity rates are rising. Fuel costs have increased and it is costing more and more every year to maintain the aging electrical grid. However, rates will rise even higher if we continue to do nothing to modernize the system and improve our electrical grid.

An Infrastructure System Replacement Surcharge is a common sense investment which will help ensure our electrical infrastructure is ready for the demands of the future. It will promote the construction of modern, efficient, reliable additions and improvements of the electrical grid which will be beneficial for our state.

An Infrastructure System Replacement Surcharge is an investment our state needs to make. I know there are some businesses, [notably Noranda] who are worried about the high impact it might have on the their bottom line, but there is no doubt that the overall cost will be much higher if we continue to put off these necessary investments until the need becomes dire.

VICTOR R. GUNN, Cape Girardeau