Letter to the Editor

Memorable Civil War program

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Kudos to the Cape Girardeau Convention and Visitors Bureau for an outstanding evening of remembrance recalling April 26, 1863, and the Civil War action that occurred in our city's outskirts. Mr. Chuck Martin and his staff deserve our praise and gratitude for orchestrating this memorable event.

Despite threatening weather, which allowed all planned activities to be conducted inside Grace United Methodist Church, approximately 85 to 90 people showed their interest in the remembrance program. The church is located at the point on the Confederate battle line, making it hallowed ground for local Civil War historians.

Mr. Scott House, Civil War re-enactor and local Civil War historian, presented an outstanding program about the battle. He annotated the actions of Brig. Gen. Marmaduke's plans from the initial incursion of Confederate forces into Missouri until their forced return back into Arkansas. He vividly described the important locations of the Union's defenses for the city and other details that occurred before, during and after the firing ceased. His presentation included quotations from primary sources from participants on both sides gleaned from diaries, letters and newspaper reports, which added a human perspective to the program.

I'm sure all who attended have been greatly enriched with the knowledge of the local Civil War historical event that took place more than 150 years ago in our city, and I ask that you continue to investigate and study that galvanizing time period in the history of our great country.

CLARENCE "DUB" SUEDEKUM, president, Cape Girardeau Civil War Roundtable, Cape Girardeau