Letter to the Editor

No common sense in D.C.

Monday, April 22, 2013

So much to say -- so little space.

First: After the defeat of the latest gun grab, our president's anger was evident. I wonder if he now realizes how most of the country felt when he and the democrats forced through Obamacare? Which we cannot afford and is not providing better and cheaper health care. Let me go on record thanking the senators for standing up for the Second Amendment.

Second: After the bombing at the Boston Marathon, is our "very intelligent president" and his administration going to call for a ban on "pressure cookers"? Maybe the more intelligent course would be to immediately stop student visas from Muslim countries with terrorist ties.

Third: I urge everyone to look into the latest takeover of our education system with "Common Core Standards." These standards are coming directly from Washington and will indoctrinate our children into leftist views from preschool through high school. Parental influence is being eroded to the point where children will look to government to tell them what to think. Please investigate and urge our state to opt out of the "Common Core Curriculum."

Fourth: Immigration reform should be securing our borders. Period. Why would we want to pass more laws that cannot possibly be enforced? The Justice Department is trying to deport a German family who came here for the freedom to home school their children. This doesn't make sense. Let illegal immigrant criminals out and deport a German home schooling family?

Common sense seems to have left Washington, D.C.

LINDA REUTZEL, Cape Girardeau