Letter to the Editor

No to ISRS legislation

Thursday, April 11, 2013

I am writing in response to the letter to the editor dated March 14, "Support ISRS legislation." I couldn't disagree more with the author's position.

As an Ameren Missouri consumer, I would like to thank Sen. Wayne Wallingford (R-27) for standing up for consumers in his district and standing with consumer groups in opposition of Senate Bill 207, the utilities surcharge legislation. This legislation would add additional surcharges to our electric bills and force Missourians to pay more, including many seniors -- like me -- who are living on a fixed income. Do you really expect me to believe the reason Ameren wants this legislation to pass so badly is so my electric rates will go down?

Sen. Wallingford has shown the courage many of his colleagues lack, and understands that the utility surcharge would give electric companies a blank check that can be cashed at any time at the expense of you and me. We have already received the brunt end of numerous utility rate hikes over the past few years and I have to ask: How many more?

I know that AARP and other consumer groups are challenging utility rate increase proposals and fighting to ensure that utility companies receive only what is fair and reasonable -- and not a dime more. Sen. Wallingford is demonstrating the same by putting his constituents first over one corporation that already makes hundreds of millions of dollars of profit each year.

I encourage electric consumers to thank and support Sen. Wallingford by calling his office at 573-751-2459 or send an email to wayne.wallingford@senate.mo.gov.

ILENA ASLIN, Cape Girardeau