Letter to the Editor

Mo. House failed on two levels

Monday, April 8, 2013

I had the great privilege of meeting my idol and one of the most respected heroic military leaders of our time at a book signing at Regis University in Denver. Gen. Norman Schwarzkopf signed my copy of his autobiography and looked me square in the eye and asked, "How are you doing today, son?" I wanted to thank him for his service to our county and tell him how much I respected him but could only respond, "Aaaah." I was frozen like a deer staring into a car's head lights.

A few years later our paths crossed again in St. Louis when he was the featured speaker for a motivational leadership conference. I remembered this from his presentation on leadership: "If you find yourself in a leader role --- not only lead but lead boldly and always do the right thing."

The Missouri Republican-led House failed both leadership success criteria by defeating the Medicaid expansion legislation. The House voted 104-50 against an amendment to add $890 million of federal funds to the proposed 2014 budget for the Department of Social Services coverage for more than 300,000 adult Missourians. The House also voted 105-50 against an amendment to add nearly $54 million of federal Medicaid funds for mental health and senior services. Republicans overwhelmingly rejected it while no Democrats opposed it.