Letter to the Editor

Update energy reliability

Thursday, April 4, 2013

I'm writing because I strongly believe we need to pass House Bill 398 immediately. Passage of this legislation will lead to thousands of new jobs and improve energy reliability for our small businesses and manufacturers, which drives Missouri's economy.

Economic development is the best way to move forward as a region and as a state. Economic development creates jobs, increases consumer spending and drives our economy.

The math is very simple: Infrastructure equals jobs. An updated electrical grid enhances economic output, and this is our city and state's best path forward. That is why I think we all need to get on board and support House Bill 398 immediately.

As a state, we face tough competition along our borders so we need to put ourselves in a position to create jobs and keep our competitors from stealing Missouri companies and stealing jobs.

If big business and big labor can all agree on the importance of this issue, I think this sends a strong signal that this is the right thing to do.

We need to pass House Bill 398, we need to update our energy reliability, we need to move forward with economic development and we need to do it immediately.

Yours very truly,

ROGER WAGNER, Cape Girardeau