2nd Annual Jacque Waller 5k Run

Tuesday, April 2, 2013
Jacque Waller

2nd Annual Jacque Waller 5k Run

As June 1, 2013, approaches we continue to quietly console one another through memories of Jacque. We have pictures in our minds of her face, an experience we shared with her, or how she would have reacted to events in our lives and in the lives of her family and children. This is how we keep her alive because as of June 1, 2011, we do not know what became of our dear friend.

What we do know is that she left work on June 1, 2011, to pick up her son from her estranged husband and was never seen or heard from again. All that has been found are her car, abandoned near the Fruitland Exit on I-55, and some of her personal belongings--none of which has led the Jackson police closer to her whereabouts. Jacque's estranged husband has since been charged first degree murder and is being held on a one million dollar bond.

Our Anthem family joined and supported searches, reached out to her family, organized vigils and fundraisers, and cried together over a circumstance that was beyond our comprehension. The actions felt good, like therapy. We could reminisce with others who "got" those Jacque moments and what she loved, or what she did not. Taking action meant the evil side of the unknown circumstances around her disappearance would not win--we were not going to just "let it go."

Jacque had big plans for the summer of 2011. She was getting a fresh start with a new home, a new puppy, and with the new flexibility of working from home. She had also been improving her health through physical training and was going to run a 5k race. Jacque looked great and was excited to open wide this new chapter in her life.

Jacque's joyful plans inspired the organization of the 1st Annual Jacque Waller 5k Run last June. Our little Anthem family wanted to spend the first weekend in June focused on the positive surrounding Jacque's new life. We felt as though we were completing the 5k on her behalf. We also wanted her family and triplets to know that her memory was just as alive inside of us as it is for each of them.

Proceeds raised from the 5k will be donated to the Jacque Waller Family Fund at US Bank as well as The Safe House for Women. The Jacque Waller Family Fund is important as it provides a financial cushion to Jacque's sister and brother-in-law. These selfless individuals have wholeheartedly embraced their role as the triplet's parents since Jacque's disappearance. The Safe House for Women's mission is to stop domestic violence and help survivors of domestic abuse gain a sense of their strength, power, and future. The Safe House was formed in 1991 and is a not-for-profit 501c(3) domestic violence shelter providing safe shelter, 24-hour crisis hotline services, intensive case management, counseling, court advocacy, referral services, and education programs.

Jacque's dear family approved of the first 5k run in her memory and that was important since her family and children are never far from our thoughts and prayers. They also gave us their blessing to host the 2nd Annual Jacque Waller 5k on Saturday, June 1, 2013. The run will begin at 8:30 a.m. and will be followed by the very popular 1-mile family walk. A variety of children's activities will also be available and we invite everyone to join us at Shawnee Park.

For more information including sponsorship opportunities, t-shirts/bracelets, and registration forms, and early registration times please visit our website http://JWaller5k.com or Facebook https://www.facebook.com/JacqueWaller5kRun

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