Libertarian, Constitution party candidates for 8th District share views in meeting in Scott County

Friday, March 29, 2013
Doug Enyart

CHAFFEE, Mo. -- Two candidates for the 8th Congressional District met and shared their views during a meeting Wednesday night in Chaffee.

Libertarian Bill Slantz and Constitution Party candidate Doug Enyart answered questions regarding controversial issues at a debate sponsored by the recently formed SEMO 10 group, which advocates for resident involvement with government officials. The event took place at the Chaffee VFW with more than 40 people in attendance, including Scott County Sheriff Rick Walter.

Questions touched on topics including the use of drones on United States soil, the mounting budget deficit, abortion and homeland security.

Bill Slantz

Both candidates cited a limited government as part of their platform.

When asked about tax reform, Enyart said he would work to shrink the government first, saying a smaller government will cost less to operate. Enyart said he'd like to "scrap the current tax codes and start fresh."

Slantz took a slightly different approach, saying he wants to "eliminate personal and corporate income taxes."

Both candidates agreed there should be no federal funding for any organization involved with abortion.

"I personally am against abortion but believe that the government should not have a say and should not fund it, period," Slantz said.

The candidates also agreed on the Department of Homeland Security and whether it is a danger to freedom.

"You bet it is a danger," Enyart said. "It is a national police. The entire department needs to be gotten rid of. We got along fine without them before."

Slantz agreed, saying, "Get rid of them. It was developed as a feel-good mechanism. They have served their purpose."

The special election will take place June 4 to replace Jo Ann Emerson, who resigned from her post in January to take a position as the president and CEO of the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association. Other candidates vying for the vacant seat are Democrat Steve Hodges and Republican Jason Smith.

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