Speak Out 2/13/13

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Casino, water bill

Why don't we use some of the casino money to lower our water and sewer rates?

Opinion page

I always thought journalists and newspapers were supposed to be neutral, but the Southeast Missourian is not being neutral in its Opinion section of the paper. Rarely do I ever read a Democratic opinion, it is always a Republican opinion. The entire section is full of biased opinions. It is well known that the Southeast Missourian is a conservative paper, but the least you could do is to be fair and allow the other side to participate.

Obama donor

How convenient: Wireless executive with ties to Obama wins contract to supply poor with smartphones. You see, King Obama and his tribe thinks we are all so stupid that we can't see through his arrogance and obvious stupidity. This Obama donor hosted a $40,000-per-plate dinner at his modest Miami mansion and now he is being rewarded. Of course, his spinners say there is no correlation to the contract and the exec's donor status. Please.

Checks, debit cards

When they start charging me to use my debit card at different places, I'm going to start writing checks again. I know the banks don't like that, so we'll see how things work out.

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