Speak Out 2/12/13

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Wild West mentality

I am disappointed in the caller who singled out mentally ill persons to do such horrible things. Sometimes it can be angry people who do horrible things. It's more than just mentally ill. In Japan, you have to register a samurai sword. They had six gun deaths in one year. Our country is scaring me right now. There seems to be this NRA attitude that the country will become the Wild West and the rest of the population will just duck and hope for the best. I don't think having guns everywhere will solve the problem.

Wrong priorities

It is such a joke that all the Cape cops can worry about in this town is the underage drinking done by college students. When will they wake up and realize that there are stabbings and shootings going on while they are busting the students? Get your priorities straight, Cape PD. This town is becoming filled with crime as you run off the SEMO students.

Fix the streets

I would like to comment about the city and casino. I am under the impression the city is making around $300,000 a month from the casino. If that is true, do you think the city can fix the streets? Surely there will be enough money to do that. In a year's time we can get the streets smooth enough to drive and make Cape Girardeau a nice place to live and drive.

Second Amendment

The purpose of the Second Amendment is to allow citizens the right to bear arms to protect ourselves from a tyrannical government. Only a tyrannical government would want to change that so citizens do not have the means to protect themselves.

Dr. King's character

To reflect on Dr. King, a civil-rights leader, yes, but he was a man of God first. Do you think he would have supported abortion, same-sex marriage, AWOL husbands? Many have forgotten his faith and belief in Jesus, what he preached and stood for. The hypocrites who steal his legacy to further their own political agenda are so sick and deceitful. When will his true character be remembered?

USPS, Armstrong

I wonder how many people were shocked at the postal service explanation for supporting Lance Armstrong. The team of bike racers, how did they feel they can benefit the country by sponsoring him? They shouldn't be allowed to sponsor anything. Where were our congressmen and senators when this was going on?

Culture problem

I don't think our culture can get any deeper in the sewer than it is right now. Everything is about sex, drugs, perversion and violence. There's no mention of God or religion because people say they are offended by saying people are created in God's image and accountable to Him. Our television, news media, government and education have been taken over by godless drug addicts, free-sex groups. If we don't wake up and see what's happening, I'm afraid of what will happen if we keep abandoning God in favor of humanity. As the old saying goes, evil will prevail when good men do nothing.

Assault rifles

Someone called in and said that assault rifles "should be for law-abiding persons only, like law enforcement or the FBI." So only law enforcement and FBI people are law-abiding? Not at all. They also said "normal" people don't need them. Well, when you take away these weapons from all the "normal" folks, who in the world do you think will still be carrying them? Yes, criminals. And we "normal" people will have nothing to defend ourselves with. Of course, we can wait for a cop to come, but in Cape that could take hours. Nah, I think I'll just keep my weapons, thank you very much.

Karl Rove

As an illustration of how far to the crazed conservative part of the political spectrum the GOP has moved, Karl Rove is now considered by many Republicans to be a far left communist whacko.

Obamacare, FDA

As Obamacare becomes closer toward an unfortunate reality it becomes clearer all the little nasty details that will cost you big bucks. Yes, even the little people who thought they were out of reach. As reported recently, one of those things is coming down from the FDA that will require grocery stores and small quick shops to label prepared foods, such as salad bar purchases, with calorie count labels. It was reported that doing this could cost retailers nationwide $1 billion. Who do you think is going to absorb that cost? You, the consumer.

Infomercial editorials

I watch them on TV all the time, and now I love it that so many Southeast Missourian editorials have morphed into infomercials.

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