Speak Out 2/10/13

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Political illness

I would like to say I am so sick of politicians. It's all you ever see on TV anymore even though we're done with the election. We have been lied to so many times. My son called me the other day, and I distinctly heard when Obama was pushing through Obamacare your taxes and insurance will not go up. My son got a note from his company and everyone else did, and their insurance is going up $200 a month; that's $2,400 a year more. Also, he got a slight raise that would start in January. He gets the slight raise and it is nowhere near upper-middle class much less rich. We were told the taxes wouldn't go up on the middle and lower classes. The taxes he has taken out now has him making less each month even though he got a raise. Because of the increase in taxes, he's making less than he was last year. I don't know why anyone believes what this administration says because nothing is ever like they said it would be.

Gun enforcement

I don't feel that we need any gun control unless it's for the parents. The parents are responsible for their children. Unless I missed something all the people doing the crowd shootings are young people. Let's make our family responsible enough to lock up and hide the keys for where they hide their guns. They need to be responsible.

Illegal drivers

I suspected Illinois was a corrupt state. The illegal immigrants will be allowed to obtain driver's licenses. Does this make any sense?

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