Libertarian Party taps Bill Slantz for 8th District race

Sunday, February 10, 2013
Bill Slantz

BENTON, Mo. -- Lacking the suspense of the GOP meeting, the Libertarian Party's meeting to nominate its candidate for the 8th Congressional District special election created an opportunity for the party's man to talk policy and politics.

Bill Slantz was unanimously nominated Saturday to be his party's candidate in a June 4 special election to replace former U.S. representative Jo Ann Emerson.

Before the meeting at the Scott County Courthouse in Benton, Slantz fielded questions posed by Missouri Libertarian Party executive director Greg Tlapek and the Southeast Missouri State University Student Libertarian Association.

Slantz said his views incorporated "the best" of the Democratic and Republican parties, and he would encourage resolutions to bring the polarized parties closer.

"It is our [the government's] responsibility to find a common ground," Slantz said. "Think of it like a relationship with a friend; you don't agree on everything, but you find ways to get along and work together."

The Libertarian Party had boasted two candidates for the nomination. Jason Williams, of Bloomfield, Mo., withdrew days before the vote.

Rick Vandeven, chairman of the Libertarian Party Missouri 8th Congressional District Committee, said Williams, who was not in attendance, decided "the time wasn't right."

Vandeven, who has been a Libertarian nominee for the 8th District, said his party will have to network and do "some old-fashioned politicking" to be relevant in the upcoming special election.

"The district's huge, it covers 30 counties," Vandeven said. "So we have to find people willing to help us and help Bill [Slantz]."

In 2012, the Libertarian Party captured 3.5 percent of the 8th District vote. Slantz and Vandeven believe support is building, especially among young voters.


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