Out of the past 2/9/13

Saturday, February 9, 2013


With construction of a 1,800-foot slackwater harbor nearly finished, commissioners of the Southeast Missouri Regional Port Authority have finalized plans for a dock facility; the $2 million dock will be located in the middle of the harbor, rather than near the harbor's mouth.

Reacting to public complaints, the city park board has halted construction of rest rooms in Dennis Scivally Park, until residents opposed to the location have the opportunity to discuss their concerns with city staff.


Rep. Marvin E. Proffer of Jackson says he will introduce a bill into the House of Representatives next week to permit counties to invest their surplus funds; he says the bill would be of significant benefit to Cape Girardeau County, which has substantial surpluses on hand early each year after tax collections.

City forces are moving large quantities of dirt from a hill on Bertling Street to Sprigg Street, where it will be used to make a fill where the roadway is being widened about 15 feet; the steep hill on Bertling just west of Big Bend is to be cut down for a paving and widening operation to come later this year.


More than 50 bobcat hunters from Cape Girardeau County met last night at Legion Hall to hear more about the details for the big hunt between Dutchtown and Delta Friday; conservation agent John Soutiea announced that the gathering place for all the nimrods will be Blomeyer, on Highway 25, starting at 8 a.m.

Louis Wittmor, dean of former members of the city council in number of years served, announces his candidacy for city commissioner subject to the March primary; Wittmor has been a member of the council on six different occasions and was first elected in 1918.


The firm of Caldwell-Sherman is now the Caldwell-Sherman Clothing Co.; Hyman Caldwell, who has been head of the store, has resigned to become New York buyer for several stores, including the Cape Girardeau operation; the business here will be under the control of Ike Caldwell and Sam Sherman.

Mr. and Mrs.. Bland Stubblefield are spending the day with "home folks"; they'll return to Oran, Mo., on Monday.

-- Sharon K. Sanders

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