Speak Out 2/8/13

Friday, February 8, 2013

Stop lights

This is just a suggestion, but something really needs to been done. Sometimes I have had to wait through two or three or more light changes before I can get through.

Ozark trees

It was reported that the EPA finds high levels of ozone in Southeast Missouri because of winds blowing from Chicago. Look at a weather map. We all know that most of our wind is from the west and not from Chicago. The ozone the EPA is finding is naturally occurring from trees in the Ozarks. That is right, Ozark trees make ozone.

Traffic visibility

I like the way they fixed Big Bend Road north of the casino. Why can't they open the floodgates on Main Street and open them up to the public? It is impossible to see oncoming traffic on Big Bend Road in either direction when entering from Second Street and Johnson Street. Whoever engineered that doesn't live here.

More counselors

I just read the article about assessing threats. Most teachers can assess a threat from a child just by watching behavior. The problem is there are not enough counselors to see the children. When you have one counselor for 500 children, it gets to be a real problem. I taught for 31 years and know of what I speak.

Drunken driving

I want to speak about the gun controls. We want to control our guns but don't want to control the drunks on the road who kill more people. Why don't we close the bars and places that sell alcohol so we don't have all our babies and families killed because of drunk drivers.

Congress, USPS

Congress is only going to work 126 days in 2013. So that is 239 days [members] are not working and that amount of their pay should go to the United States Post Office. Post Office employees work rain, snow, ice or shine. Whatever the weather may be, they deliver the mail.

Parents' responsibility

If parents would take responsibility, keep their children safe and keep guns out of the hands of those who are not responsible, we wouldn't have to look to the government to do our job for us. Think about it.

Fix the streets

I have a wild and crazy idea. Instead of using the casino money for downtown to fix things, like lighting, instead of using our tax money, we should fix our streets here in town.

Clip size

A recent Speak Out comment about 10-round limits on clips giving people time to escape is the perfect illustration of a liberal talking about something that they know absolutely nothing about. With just a little practice even the rankest amateur can change a clip in less than a second. It would only take a couple of seconds longer to empty three 10-round clips instead of one 30 round one. Unless you're The Flash that's not going make a bit of difference.

Slippery slope

The NRA objects to an assault weapons ban in part because it believes it will create a slippery slope, eventually leading to a ban on virtually all guns. In a similar vein, I object to allowing schools to be an exception when it comes to the prevailing wage. That will eventually lead to workers becoming low-wage slaves.

Christmas lights

I would like to thank all the businesses and individuals who provided the beautiful Cape County Park Christmas lights display. What a shame that next year our county will be charging you to do that service for us to enjoy.


I am a resident of Jackson and I love it. My problem is the bottleneck at the U.S. 61 and Highway 25 intersection.

Guns, cars

There are approximately 12,000 people killed by guns each year in the United States. There are approximately 40,000 people killed in car crashes in the United States each year. If we outlaw or control gun sales, should we not also outlaw or control car sales?

Palin, Morris

My sincere condolences to the devotees of Fox News for the abrupt departure of Sarah Palin and Dick Morris.

Rounds of ammo

If several robbers break into your house at night, it might be nice for you to have a loaded semi-automatic rifle that will fire 15 rounds without reloading.

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