Letter to the Editor

Abortion does affect us all

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Just to let Ms. Johns know, abortion does affect me and has affected this country. Legalized abortion probably has been the main event that started the deterioration of our culture and morals in this country. We used to stand for life and freedom; now we stand for convenience and free stuff. With over 55 million abortions already performed, I consider abortion the ultimate assault weapon.

Now, I can tell that you are very knowledgeable about guns. Eight hundred bullets a minute. Like the one used at Sandy Hook. Really? We might have a military automatic weapon that can shoot that many bullets a minute, but no semi-automatic weapon could. Get your facts straight before you go spouting off. Automatic weapons are banned. Semi-automatic weapons are not and they include rifles and hand guns. I don't think we make an 800-bullet clip for semiautomatics. I, as a law abiding, Second Amendment-loving American, want as much fire power as I can get to protect my family and property if it comes under attack.

Hypocrisy. The real hypocrisy is the Washington, D.C. elite having the benefit of armed protection and voting to take our protection away.

And since you brought God into this argument, I'll respond. God does tell us to judge the sin and forgive the sinner. We will all have to answer for abortion. Did we do enough to stop it?

LINDA REUTZEL, Cape Girardeau