Speak Out 2/5/13

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Obama proposals

It is sad when people can't separate Fast and Furious from what is happening in our country. There's simply no excuse for a gun that can fire more than 10 bullets automatically. At least that gives you a chance to get out of the theater if you're at one while the person has to reload. President Obama has presented some common sense propositions and any sensible Congress person would vote for it.

Honest people

I was at the Cape Girardeau Walmart recently, and I don't know what was wrong with me. I couldn't find my car, and there was a nice man who helped me find my car. Thank God for him. When I got five miles down the road, I realized that I left my purse in the shopping cart. I called 911 and the nice lady stayed on the line with me until I got back to Walmart. I couldn't find my purse. She called Walmart for me and told me they had the purse there. I would like to thank the people who found my purse and took it into customer service. I hope God blesses them, and I am thankful for honest people.

Obama's change

Folks, hang on. Obama's got that medical thing passed. Everything's getting taxed to death and your medical co-pays just doubled. Four more years of a man who put his hand on the Bible trying to change it.

Support veterans

I'm a tax-paying resident, concerned, frustrated and upset about the country. We should support our troops and veterans. The guys who went to Vietnam deserve our respect. They witnessed horrible things over there. We have spoiled brats in the universities giving veterans a hard time. That's terrible. We need to be behind our vets. We need to help them instead of wanting to convict them. We don't know what they went through.

Leadership needed

The conservatives need to stop sitting on their hands and do something about Obama. We don't need a king; we need a leader.

Common sense?

Dear Mr. President: After observing you and your administration over the last four years, I think you should in your next term establish a Department of Common Sense.

Texting while driving

I'm glad to see the city has done something about the scooters in town. What will it take for them to do something about texting and talking on the phone when driving?

Mental health

Does gun control work? A recent report on TV said there were more gun-related deaths in Chicago, which has one of the strictest gun laws in the nation. It is more dangerous than Afghanistan. Maybe we should think about mental health.

Tip appropriately

I am employed at a local restaurant. I make $3.56 per hour plus tips. I have a three-table section, sometimes two. I make a living turning tables and making tips. Frequently, I'll have customers sit at a table for over an hour. If you are one of these people, please know I enjoy taking care of you, but please tip accordingly. I could have made money at the table you are camping out at.

Support Israel

People talk about Israel. What they better stop and think about is the Bible says Israel is the apple of God's eye. When anyone crosses the people of God it is an insult against God himself. Israel is God's timepiece, and we'd better watch.

Animal care

Since the temperatures are quite cold, if you own an animal it is your responsibility to give it food, water and shelter. Water should be changed every day and not left as a block of ice. Shelters should have warm materials and they should be fed extra every day when its cold. A vet said dogs need people. That doesn't mean you chain in it in the yard with no interaction. Please be a responsible pet owner. If you see abuse or neglect, call animal control. The animals cannot.


I was reading the obituaries, and I read about a person who loved making people feel better with random acts of kindness. I never met him but he taught me two words of the day. It said he was a bibliophile and a confirmed Luddite, and I had to look them up and was blessed by learning two new words. May this person rest in peace.

Replacement process

In the 1960s the U.S. Supreme Court established what is called the one-man, one-vote principle. In essence, that meant that legislative districts for choosing legislators had to be roughly equal in population. However, in the current matter of choosing a nominee to succeed Jo Ann Emerson, that principle apparently is not applicable since lesser populated 8th District local populations (counties) will have a disproportionate influence in choosing the nominee. This would seem to be fertile ground for litigation.

National anthem

I think Americans should respect the national anthem. I think it was disrespectful and showed disregard for the sacredness of the song that Beyoncé was allowed to sing it the way she did at the inauguration.

Second Amendment

The sole reason of the Second Amendment is for citizens to protect themselves from threats to life, liberty and property from enemies foreign and domestic. We know this by reading what Madison said about it when he penned it combined with the attempts of the British to use gun control against colonists. Do you not think government will infringe on your civil rights in the future? Study history and ask how the U.S. government treated Japanese immigrants in the 1940s.

Road complaints

On behalf of myself and others living in Ashland Courts, I would like to thank the city of Cape and whoever else was involved in the frontage road to nowhere that runs along I-55 next to the Veterans Home. To construct this road you cut down all of the trees that kept us from having I-55 as the view from our yards, and we won't even talk about the noise. So Tuesday night during the storm this neighborhood suffered the most damage in Cape. Almost every house had some damage and many lost most of their roofs and fences. Since we have been through worse storms with little or no damage, we wonder if the removal of our beautiful trees took away the only windbreak between us and Kansas. What a waste of taxpayer money.

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