Out of the past 2/5/13

Tuesday, February 5, 2013


James C. Roche of near Millersville has filed for first district associate commissioner in Cape Girardeau County; Roche is a leader in opposing a proposed recreational lake in Cape Girardeau and Bollinger counties.

Former county chief deputy Terri Dee Curtis is seeking $6 million in damages from city and county law-enforcement personnel, alleging they conspired to violate her constitutional rights after an auto accident two years ago.


Several more days of mild temperatures will be needed to begin breaking up the ice gorges blocking the Mississippi River; ice is jammed for about 50 miles from Cairo, Ill., to the Missouri Dry Dock Co.'s facilities here and from Cape Rock north about 15 to 20 miles.

A 30-inch wainscoting has been installed along the south walls of the Arena Building, which is being redecorated; the one-day stone-laying project was done by Victor L. Pierce, Lloyd Pierce, F.L. Davidson, Dave Davidson and Buddy Busch.


Immediate action looking toward the construction of a new $152,000 library building at the Teachers College is expected, after Gov. Lloyd Stark yesterday released funds for it; the amount appropriated is almost $100,000 less than what was asked to build a library of the character the college officials desire.

Tons of brick from the rear wall of a two-story brick building owned by M.E. Leming Jr., at 118 N. Spanish St., tumbled into the building and into an alley at the back of the First National Bank building, when the top half of the wall collapsed last night.


The Sisters of Saint Francis Hospital have been placed in a predicament; so many people have been brought to them from Southeast Missouri for treatment that the ordinary capacity of the hospital has been taxed; the cold spell also has caused quite a few to apply for accommodations.

The business men of Haarig know a good thing when they see it; when Jeff Hutson, a policeman who understands law and order, recently decided to run for election as chief of police, the business men pooled their funds, enough to offer Hutson the same salary for policing Haarig as the chief of police receives; Hutson has agreed to stay put.

-- Sharon K. Sanders

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