Burglary case continued

Tuesday, February 5, 2013
William Artadi

A Jackson man charged in a large number of burglaries last year has another month to decide whether to withdraw his guilty plea.

William Artadi, who pleaded guilty to 13 counts of burglary in November, on Monday had his sentencing hearing continued until March 4 by Judge William Syler. Artadi is being asked whether he wants to withdraw the guilty plea to 13 charges in exchange for the dismissal of another seven.

But at a sentencing hearing last month, Syler rejected the plea deal, saying he thought any deal that didn't allow for a 10-year sentence was inappropriate in light of the crimes. The deal allowed Syler three options: a five-year prison sentence, 120 days shock incarceration to be followed by probation, or a full year in the county jail.

Artadi's co-defendants, Jacob Colyott and Aaron Denson, each was sentenced to probation by another judge.

If Artadi withdraws his guilty plea, prosecutors can reinstate the other charges to bring his total back to 20 counts, which restarts the legal process.

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