Movie of the month: "Safe Haven"

Monday, February 4, 2013

Release date: Feb. 14

February may be a month associated with love, but it's hard to tell based on what Hollywood's offering. There's plenty of action (Bruce Willis returns for another "Die Hard" film), horror and teenager fare, but little romance.

The lone exception is "Safe Haven," our movie of the month. It's based on a book by Nicholas Sparks, so you know it will tug on the heartstrings.

The film stars Julianne Hough (you many remember her from "Dancing With the Stars") as Katie and Josh Duhamel as Alex. Katie arrives in a small, tight-knit North Carolina community. The new girl in town keeps to herself, until she slowly starts to form a bond with Alex, a widower with young two children, and her neighbor Jo (Colbie Smulders).

As Katie and Alex begin to fall more deeply in love, it becomes clear that her secretive past could put their future happiness at risk.

I haven't read the book so I don't know how the story ends, but I'm betting there will be some tears shed before a happy ending. The reviews aren't in, but it should make a great Valentine's Day date!

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