Speak Out 2/3/13

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Sensible gun laws

The NRA is not about moderation or about protecting our teens. It's time to say no to them. Its time for some sensible gun laws. It's time to get back to sensibility.

Politicians' pay

Every time I read about where they want to cut something in the budget, it's always the Social Security or veterans' benefits. I have never seen where they cut the salaries of the Congress and Senate and president. What's going to happen? Are they not counted as part of cutting back on anything?

Debt ceiling

My comment is for the debt ceiling for the country. Why don't we cut all the other countries off until we get out of debt? We shouldn't think of cutting our middle and poorer class with cuts to things like Medicaid or Medicare. Why do we sink billions of dollars into these useless countries; every country in the world?

Deficit spiral

People keep asking where were the conservatives when Bush was president? They were asking him to use his veto pen to stop the spending. For the record, fiscal year 2006 was the last year the Republicans had complete control of the federal government. The federal deficit that year was $156 billion; the trillion dollar deficit didn't start until Pelosi and Reid started running Congress in 2007.

Right to choose

I don't need Katherine Lopez speaking for me as a woman. We should call our House of Representatives. The right to choose is one of the greatest rights for a woman in this century. Not every woman is ready to be a mom. It's a hard thing being a mother. Planned Parenthood is a good thing. Anything that can help women until they are emotionally ready to be a mom is good. I waited five years after getting married to have a child. I'm grateful Planned Parenthood was there for me. I grew up in a home with no freedom, and after I got out I had my chance to enjoy life. I married and thanks to Planned Parenthood we didn't have children until my husband got out of college. Some would put women back to the 1950s.

Obama vote OK

Our taxes have gone up by a big chunk considering we pay our own medical insurance. I ask myself if it was OK that we voted for Obama, and it was still OK. The Republican Party keeps promising things we can't afford, like tax cuts. Our deficit is out of control, and somewhere someone has to pay. I'm lucky to have fire, police, schools and none of this stuff is free. We just decided to bite the bullet and not call in and complain to Speak Out. So far, we don't regret voting for Obama.

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