Out of the past 2/3/13

Sunday, February 3, 2013


A five-year, $26.8 million capital improvements program is being considered by the Cape Girardeau City Council; many of the 63 projects would be financed with a proposed capital improvements sales tax.

Howard G. Bock, a retired Cape Girardeau schoolteacher, has filed for the Cape Girardeau Board of Education, completing a slate of six candidates; the other hopefuls are Dr. Patrick Ruopp, Jacklyn Clark, Dr. Robert G. Fox, John Eck and Harold Haas.


A progress report issued by St. Andrew Lutheran Church shows membership has increased from 226 communicant members in 1960 to 305 at the end of 1962; total giving rose from $36,046 to $42,594 in the same period.

Dr. Thomas S. Messer, professor of the Baptist Chair of Bible, which serves State College, has been commissioned to write the adult Sunday-school lessons for the Baptist Sunday School board for 18 weeks in 1965.


After considerable effort, the icy waters of the Mississippi River gave up another victim late yesterday; Herman M. Macke, a World War veteran and shoe factory worker, drowned when his motor car plunged into the river despite Macke's desperate attempt to stop its headlong dash down the Water Street wharf; nine hours after the accident, the car with its victim still in the front seat was raised from the river.

In reply to a suggestion that the out-of-town owners of the Cape Girardeau traffic bridge sell the span to the county, the owners said, "We are not interested in selling."


A committee of concerned citizens is contacting those eligible to sign the saloon petition for the former Boston store location at Broadway and Main Street; the committee hopes to persuade them not to sign the petition to keep a saloon from being established on this prominent business corner.

COLUMBIA, Mo. -- Henry Schulte, who formerly directed athletics at the Cape Girardeau Normal School, has been chosen assistant coach of the football and track teams of the University of Missouri; in recent months, he assisted coach Fielding Yost at Michigan University.

-- Sharon K. Sanders

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